Workshop Overview

Michele believes in the power of face-to-face human interaction, and the collective wisdom that emerges when individuals are given the opportunity to gather as a group. Michele develops every workshop starting with a creative process and collaboration to identify the needs and goals of each group. Michele builds on a narrative framework of storytelling and weaves together visual models, group activities, ritual, journaling and dialogue. She brings compassion, humor, insight and creativity to every workshop setting.


Transitions are inevitable. They are the stepping stones, the thread that weaves together the story of our lives. Transitions help move our journey forward. We are currently in a global transition, where everything is shifting rapidly all around us, creating unique challenges and tremendous opportunity.

Building greater awareness and understanding of transitions enables us to normalize these uncertain periods. Workshops provide a roadmap, creating guideposts and markers to help manage and integrate periods of transition.

Leadership Development

We are all leaders. We lead our lives every day as we make decisions, face challenges, and celebrate accomplishments. As professionals we may also lead meetings, projects, teams or organizations. Leadership is not about status or hierarchy, but rather our words and actions. By recognizing our own patterns and choices around transition we are better equipped to lead others in times of uncertainty.

Building awareness of self and others enables us to guide our organizations through challenging periods of change with authenticity and courage. Workshops provide concepts and tools to develop a greater capacity for Integrated Leadership, or Leading From the Inside Out.


“Michele Steckler is a remarkable individual, empathetic and insightful, with an uncanny ability to pinpoint crucial areas through acute observation and intuition.”

Anne Bogart ~ Founder &
Artistic Director of
SITI Company

Given the complexity and constant evolution of our lives and the world around us, we occasionally long for fresh perspective and to be truly seen and heard by someone who is impartial and non-judgmental. We all have the capacity to thrive and fulfill our potential and promise when we are given the right tools and support.

Michele offers personal coaching for anyone anticipating, going through or emerging from a transition, as well as leadership coaching for professionals who want to deepen their self-awareness and develop more integrated and conscious leadership skills. Michele understands and honors everyone’s unique response to change and growth, and is dedicated to helping individuals navigate through complex yet fertile periods of transition with compassion, deep listening and insight.

Facilitator & Thinking Partner

“‘Facilitator’ is too remote a word for Michele Steckler, and ‘leader of groups’ hardly begins to describe her skill set or the niche she now pretty much owns.  I prefer to think of her as the person I’d want on my lifeboat.  There’s nobody better at listening, faster at identifying challenges, better at offering solutions than Michele.  Working with her will make any professional transition feel the way great music sounds; fresh yet inevitable.”

Rick Elice ~ Playwright,
‘Jersey Boys’ and
‘Peter and the Starcatcher’

As a facilitator and thinking partner Michele brings fresh perspective to individuals, teams and organizations. An insightful facilitator, Michele is sensitive to group dynamics, acting as witness and reflecting back what she sees and hears without judgment. As a thinking partner Michele offers ongoing consultation to leaders seeking regular interaction and creative collaboration from an outside eye. Through exploring, reflecting, illuminating and highlighting, she brings ideas into focus so others can see more clearly and use that insight to step forward.

Michele partners with leaders to clarify needs and goals through a collaborative process that cycles between creative, big picture thinking and more practical logistics and details. Michele is a skilled interpreter who notices when a process becomes stuck, bringing clarity and the ability to keep conversations moving forward productively, and then translating what emerges from individual voices to an integrated plan and vision for the future. Michele creates space for open dialogue and collaboration that ensures all voices are heard and thus people feel truly seen. Michele’s facilitation builds a greater awareness and understanding of a group’s mission and goals, and fosters stronger relationships within teams and organizations.


Michele is an engaging and dynamic storyteller, weaving her theatrical experience with concepts and ideas on human sustainability through listening and story, developing inner leadership capacity and navigating periods of major transition. Michele inspires through her vibrant energy, passion about people and the deep authenticity she brings to presentations and speaking engagements.


“Michele Steckler is a leader of vision, kindness and inspiration. She has the deepest integrity and careful ways and is truly an artist’s best friend. Lucky those whom she touches.”

Eve Ensler ~ Tony-Award winning Playwright,
Activist Founder of V-Day